'You've got to get creative': Potato farmer finding new ways to sell excess spuds

Neighbors bought more than 3,000 pounds of potatoes in two days to show their support and help keep the farm afloat.


A Lancaster County potato farmer is stuck with a surplus of spuds because of the pandemic, so he's now leaning on friends to help sell them.

Jim Stauffer, a third-generation farmer, usually relies on nearby restaurants to purchase his potato crop. However, many of them are still shut down due to coronavirus or scaled back orders while they offer take-out only.

"You've got to get creative," Stauffer said.

Now, a local art studio has opened up its parking lot to accommodate a "pop-up co-op" to sell Stauffer's excess spuds.

"This is completely unusual for us to jump in, but it was a farmer in need and we're shut down," said April Koppenhaver of Mulberry Art Studios.

Stauffer's neighbors haven't disappointed. In two days, volunteers sold more than 3,000 pounds of his potatoes from the art studio parking lot.

Stauffer's farm, The Country Barn, is also hosting drive-thru barbecue dinners every weekend with plenty of french fries.