'Your smile goes a long way': Nationwide initiative provides free headshots for the unemployed

The 10,000 Headshots Project is happening across the country as a way to help those unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Two New Orleans photographers have teamed up to provide almost 100 free headshots to people who are unemployed because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Noel Marcantel started taking pictures around 11 a.m. Wednesday with plans to continue shooting into the early evening.

His efforts are part of the 10,000 Headshots Project, which is happening across the country.

Marcantel said each photo shoot takes about 10 minutes and that each participant leaves with digital copies of their headshots when the session is over.

Michael Varino was one of several people who had his picture taken.

"Right now, I'm in limbo," said Michael Varino. "With the slow down and everything we're going through, things are really slow, so I'm just hoping this helps."

Nellena Martin said she's "still looking for work, but it's hard out here due to COVID."

She jumped at the chance to participate in the photo shoot and showed up 30 minutes early.

"Your smile goes a long way," she said. "Someone may look at my beautiful smile and give me an opportunity. I'm not going to give up. I have to keep my faith and stay optimistic."