YIKES! Man seen on video just narrowly missed by speeding train

A man had a brush with death when a train just barely missed him by a few inches as he tried to cross a train crossing when the guards were down.


A London man was nearly struck by a speeding train when he tried to cross over train tracks while the barriers were down.

In the video, it appears the main seems aware the train is approaching, and jogs forward at the last second to be just barely missed.

After the train passes, you can see he remained inches from danger, possibly trapped between the guarding and the train.

British Transport Police re-issued warnings about crossings after the incident.

“This was a completely needless incident," a quote from Inspector Stephen Webster read on the British Transport Police website, "and one that requires our attention and an investigation at a time when officers could be supporting the latest guidance around COVID-19, and helping to keep the travelling public safe.

“This incident could have very easily gone the other way, as it has in the past, and this man may not have returned home to his loved ones. Don’t ignore the small wait it takes for a train to pass, don’t risk your life.”

Watch the video above to see it happen.