Wonder what a wolf does all day? This collar cam will show you

From fishing and sleeping to snacking on blueberries, researchers got a firsthand look at a wolf's daily routine.


Ever wonder what daily life is like for a wolf?

Researchers got a chance to see it from the animal's perspective, thanks to a collar cam.

The team at Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota recently fastened a collar cam on a lone wolf they'd trapped and sedated, then sent him on his way.

"Well, the highlight for us was watching the wolf catch fish," said Tom Gable, a member of the research team.

Another highlight was "just watching the wolf chewing on a deer leg bone," Gable said.

The researchers have also watched wolves snacking on blueberries and sleeping through sometimes furry conditions.

"The lens was covered in hair," Gable said.

Next time, the team says they'll probably trim the wolf's hair near the collar cam for a better view.

The camera collar was created by a German company that makes the same product in a larger size for elephants.

The wolf cam was programmed to fall off and detach on a specific date and GPS allowed researchers to retrieve it.