Police investigating after woman receives scary alert on her iPhone

A woman says she received an alert that someone was using technology to track her.


A sheriff's office in Mississippi is investigating after a woman received a startling message on her phone.

"My phone just made this alert that I’ve never heard before and I looked at it and it said 'an unknown device is detected tracking your movement for a while,'" Amber Norsworthy said. "And I was like, 'What in the world does this even mean?'"

Norsworthy said she disconnected the tracking and called the sheriff's department, which sent deputies out to help. But they never found the Apple AirTag tracking device they expected to find.

"The sheriff's department helped me search, my neighbor helped me search, my husband — I mean we all searched all over the place. I mean, it's about this big. It can be anywhere," Norsworthy said. "It really made me nervous, you know? Because you hear about trafficking, and things like that, so I immediately was like, 'Oh my gosh, were they watching me? Were they watching my children?"

Norsworthy called Apple Support, which confirmed that an AirTag was either placed on her or her property. Apple deleted the device and made some adjustments to the setting on her phone and assured her that it wasn't tracking her anymore.

Paul Holley, legal counsel for the Rankin County Sheriff's Office in Mississippi, said Norsworthy's case was the first time they had been contacted about the technology. Holley said it can be very handy for certain things, but, as with most technology, it can be scary if it's used for the wrong things.

"It’s fairly new to them, which is kind of scary, too," Norsworthy said. "It's a great idea to help people find their luggage or their phone, but I think people’s safety is a little more important than that."

Holley said it's going to be difficult to combat people using the technology for the wrong reasons and investigators will reach out to law enforcement partners in the surrounding area to see what they might be doing and if they've seen similar cases.

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