Woman reunited with grandmother's wedding ring after losing it while traveling

After a frantic search, Candace Hobbs can breathe easy now, after she recently lost her wedding ring while traveling for work.


After a frantic search, Candace Hobbs can breathe easy now. Recently, while traveling for work, Hobbs lost her wedding ring.

To avoid getting sick, Hobbs applied hand sanitizer throughout the trip. At some point, she says she took off her ring.

"I didn’t really know which airport, and then I really didn’t know if I had lost them," Hobbs said.

The ring is a family heirloom that Hobbs hopes to pass along to her daughters. She says she filed police reports with United Airlines and all the airports she visited.

"(I) called the airport police department while I was getting in my husband’s truck, and they said, ‘What day?’" Hobbs said. "And I told them, and they said, ‘Oh, actually, a set has been turned in, so you can go down to the police station. Here’s your case number."

Watch the video above to see the full story.

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