Woman uses DNA kit to find out ethnicity, makes surprising discovery about family

"My sister just called me one day and said, 'I think we might have another sibling.'"


A woman who used a DNA testing service to find out more about her ethnic background discovered she had two half sisters she never knew about.

Meg Hawks used Ancestry to test her genealogy, and was linked to a woman from Rochester, Minnesota, named Tami Berg. Meg, Tami and her sister, Lisa Thorson, were all fathered by the same man, Wally Berg.

Tami explains that her father was a traveling salesman in the 1960s in Rockford, Illinois, where Meg's mother is from. Meg was born in Chicago in a hospital for unwed mothers, and was adopted into a loving family.

But once the three women found out they were all sisters, they met up in Omaha, Nebraska, and finally put the pieces of their family puzzle together. Although Wally died before Meg could meet him, the three sisters hope to travel, take pictures and make family memories together.

Watch the video above to learn more about how DNA testing helped one woman find her extended family.