Summer surprise: Woman finds white pearl in steamed clam at New Hampshire restaurant

What an awesome and rare find!


Newick's, a seafood restaurant in Dover, New Hampshire, has been doing a brisk business with outdoor dining in its parking lot overlooking Little Bay, but it seems one family got a lot more than a night out when they ordered the clambake special this past weekend.


Political consultant Mike Dennehy said when his wife bit into her steamed clam, she came across a white pearl.

Waitresses and staff gathered at a distance to see for themselves.

Apparently, Mrs. Dennehy has been eating at this Newick's location since she was a little girl, but never left with a pearl in her pocket.

Mike Dennehy

According to the Federal Trade Commission, natural pearls are considered "very rare." Some websites like and put the odds at 1 in 10,000-12,000.