'She's my hero': Woman donates kidney to longtime coworker

When Katie Moran found out her longtime coworker was on the transplant list, she decided to get tested to see if she was a match.


When Mike Beams was put on the organ transplant list, he had no idea where or when he would get a kidney.

As it turns out, that donor was right next to him the whole time.

"You never think, this is my friend, and one day they're going to give me a kidney," said Beams.

Beams and Katie Moran have worked together at Best Buy's Geek Squad for nearly seven years.

"My first person I ever sat with was her, and we've kind of been friends ever since," said Beams.

Last year, Moran started to notice something was off with Beams.

"He was missing a lot of work, which is unusual. He had been on time every day, shows up to work, does his job, just one of those really consistent, dependable employees," said Moran.

Beams had been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and had to be put on the organ transplant list. He had also just found out he and his wife were expecting after years of trying to conceive.

"It was very exciting then, also sad, whenever I thought of the future," Beams said. "Like would I get a kidney?"

His inquisitive coworker already had a plan.

"I knew when Mike told me he was going to go on the donor list that I was going to get tested," said Moran.

Turns out Moran was a perfect match.

"When she found out she was a match — she found out we could have the surgery, we just cried on the phone together pretty much," Beams said.

Beams has had his new kidney for eight months, and his daughter soon celebrating her first birthday, a milestone Beams didn't know if he would see.

"She's my hero, and I'm just so grateful that I get all this time with my daughter," said Beams.

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