Woman bikes 70 miles to celebrate 20th anniversary of heart transplant

Kathleen Kramer was headed to the hospital for a heart check-up with her doctors


Kathleen Kramer was diagnosed with a weakened heart from a bad case of the flu 20 years ago.


"I would have to rest on the couch for half-an-hour after just brushing my teeth!" Kathleen said.

The doctor's advised that she get a heart transplant. Soon after, a heart was donated to Kathleen by a 13-year-old boy named TJ.

"I will forever be grateful to my donor’s family, to my donor! They gave life to so save many people!" Kathleen said, "With this heart transplant I’ve been able to live, because of this gift, a really full, active, satisfying fantastic life."

TJ's heart has beat strong for Kathleen for 20 years! On the anniversary of her surgery, Kathleen had a new goal in mind. She wanted to test her strength and bike 70 miles.

She did it!

Together, Kathleen and a friend rode all 70 miles to the hospital where she originally received her new heart. At the end of the road was a check-up with doctors. Of course, she walked away with flying colors!

Kathleen said, "The ride was fun!"

Watch the video to see Kathleen on her journey and help to congratulate her from afar. We know this is not the last we will see of Kathleen and her biking ambitions!