Family makes most of quarantine with over 50 theme-night dinners

A lot of brainstorming happens in this family's kitchen, where theme night started.


Families are spending more time together than ever. One family in Maryland decided to make the most of it.

A lot of brainstorming happens in the Wissel family kitchen, where theme night started.

"I think a Friday night was our first night. We said, 'That sounds fun,'" said dad Mike Wissel.

Addison Wissel, 14, came up with a fun idea for dinner: 80s night.

"I really liked 'Dancing with the Twins,' of course, and I also liked 'Red Carpet Ready' because I really like dressing up," said Lauren Wissel, 12.

From mini-golf to Pac-Man, every night is a theme. It's hard to pick a favorite when you have 50 themes to chose from. For mom Kelly Wissel, the best part was the time together.

"No phone, no TV on. We sat and we spoke. We spoke about our days, about how silly it was," she said.

"We repurposed a lot of Amazon boxes. We made the Mayflower and were pilgrims one night. We made a giant Easter basket," Mike Wissel said.

They make it look easy, but sometimes, it's not easy getting a good photo.

"We'd have to take it again and again, and then again and then two more times," said Carter Wissel, 12.

Once they did get it right and shared it on social media, the feedback was well worth it.

"At the end of this, everyone started being happy seeing the pictures and it just brought a smile to people's faces," Lauren Wissel said.