SpongeBob SquarePants seems to have finally gotten his license — well, sort of

One mechanic is trying to lighten the mood of 2020 by getting laughs on the road.


Are you ready, kids? A Louisville mechanic is trying to lighten the mood of 2020 by getting laughs on the road.

Andrew Johnson has been designing eccentric Jeeps for nearly seven years. This is his first attempt at a SpongeBob SquarePants-themed Jeep.


SpongeBob has been attempting to get his license for years, and Johnson is helping that dream come true.

“The world is a little crazy right now, and everybody needs a laugh,” he said. “And what’s crazier than SpongeBob driving a Jeep?”

Decals cover the Jeep from bumper to bumper, each one carefully thought out.

“I tried to get all of Patrick's sayings and all of SpongeBob's sayings. It’s hard to capture 22 years of SpongeBob, but I tried to get just about everybody on here,” he said.

Planning took months, but piecing it together only took about 30 minutes.

“I don’t write it down because my brain doesn’t work that way,” he explains. “If write it down, I’ll change it a thousand times. I put the decal on, it’s there permanently and I have to live with it. That’s the way my brain works.”

SpongeBob is in the driver’s seat. He’s made with pool noodles, T-shirts and “a little luck.” Johnson said when he drives the Jeep around town, the response is exactly as he’d hoped.

“I pull up to traffic lights and people are laughing and taking pictures and it’s been very positive.” He says even police officers are getting a laugh. “My foot was a little bit heavy and a Kentucky State Trooper pulled me over and said, ‘I thought you were in a costume. I see what’s going on here now. I can’t give you a ticket’ and he let me go.”

Johnson said Nickelodeon signed off on the project. That might be thanks to his viral reputation. Video of Johnson’s Pennywise-themed Jeep was viewed by millions of people from all over the world in 2019. It earned Johnson a headline in a national entertainment magazine, USA Today, a story on GMA and movie roles on the Hallmark Channel.

“This is the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life and there’s no way I’d ever stop doing this,” he said.

While Hollywood is fun, Johnson’s focus remains at home. He has been invited to make appearances in birthday parades, Special Olympics events and more. Johnson said he gets about 10 to 15 requests per week, and when he can attend, he does so free of charge.

The father of five runs a private mechanic shop and restores old cars for a living. The Jeep creations are an expensive hobby.

“I love it,” he said. “Six years going on seven years and I hope to do it another six or seven more.”

Johnson invites people to honk and snap photos if you see him out, but he asks that you practice safe driving while doing so.

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