'When I grow up, I can get a good job': Fifth-graders learning social skills for life

From shaking hands to making conversation, these fifth-graders are learning skills they can use throughout their lives.


Students at a Maryland elementary school are learning skills that they can use throughout their lives.

At Tyler Heights Elementary School in Annapolis, Bonita Bradway's fifth-grade class starts every day the same way: with a handshake.

"No one wants to have a sweaty handshake," said fifth-grader Alejandro Valenzuela. "For like an interview, you might not get the job because you got that sweaty hand."

Alejandro is one of three students in his class who recently won an Anne Arundel County competition called "The Amazing Shake," where students had to demonstrate the art of interacting socially.

"Students had to interact with professional adults," Bradway said.

They were given just one minute to make a good first impression.

Alejandro's classmates Michael Flores and Stephanie Ruano also won the competition. They will all be traveling to Altanta to compete nationally in the art of hand shaking, making good conversation and maintaining proper etiquette through awkward social situations.

Watch the video above to learn more about how these fifth-graders are applying these social skills to be successful for life.