'We pulled it off': Couple skydives to wedding day site

Once the couple reached the ground, they got to work to prepare for the ceremony.


Imagine starting your wedding day with a jump out of an airplane.

That's exactly what Jeremy and Jessica van Wulven did to get to their wedding site at the base of Knik Glacier in Anchorage, Alaska.

"It was special to us because that's how we met," Jeremy said. "It was part of our lives before we met each other. So it's something we loved to do by ourselves anyways and to join together and be able to do that was something real special to us."

Once the couple reached the ground, they got to work. Jeremy got the arch and flowers ready while Jessica changed into her dress for the ceremony.

After the wedding, the couple had a "trash the dress" moment and went fishing in the Russian River.

From the jump to the vows, Jeremy said the day flew by.

"Didn't really get to reflect on everything until afterward and afterward, I was like, 'Man that really happened we pulled it off. It worked out great, everybody is out of there safely, and now we're married,'" he said.