'We need more time': Florida teachers protest reopening schools in August

"Gambling with the children is not only bad politics. It's immoral," one of the protesters said.


Dozens of Florida teachers gathered outside the Martin County Department of Health on Monday morning to protest the reopening of public schools on Aug. 10.

Last week, an executive order was issued mandating all public schools to reopen. Over the weekend, Gov. Ron DeSantis said at a press conference this order gives parents the option to keep kids home.

"There's an achievement gap that's developed. There's no doubt about it. That will only be exacerbated as long as this happens," DeSantis said.

Teachers said in-class instruction is not safe during this pandemic. Meanwhile, Carolann Wegener-Vitani, with Martin County Department of Health, said the final decision is ultimately up to school districts.

"I understand your concerns, I feel you need to take it to the right source we again we are here for you," Wegenere-Vitani said.

Martin County parents have until July 19 to opt into remote learning while teachers are hoping to continue with virtual classes.

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