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Stories on WatchStitch are published by the Hearst Television national content desk.

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Chelsea Frisbie works for Hearst Television as a Digital Curator. Her contributions to Stitch include finding the perfect story, script writing, producing and research. Most of her time is spent writing stellar digital content. She has a passion for story telling and the feel-good stories you want to share with everyone. Her favorite topics to cover include cute dogs, babies and female empowerment.

Jake Dawson is a digital preditor at Hearst TV Digital Studio. He also works as a freelance photographer, videographer and social media curator. When he’s not behind the camera or at the editing bay he’s probably at the gym or enjoying a nice glass of tequila.

Victoria Ottomanelli, or "Vic" for short, is a video producer/editor who has been involved in the creative field ever since she started drawing cartoons as a kid. It wasn't until college that she found her calling in video editing, and has dedicated herself to improving in the post-production field ever since. She has a passion for visual storytelling, loves animals, and enjoys playing video games in her spare time.