'Watch Me Thrive' provides more than job opportunities to teens with disabilities

Parents come to them saying, 'You've changed my child's life.'


Summit Future Foundation is advocating for disability inclusion in the workspace.

“How can we, as we open our doors, make sure that we're opening them to all people?,” said Cassidi Jobe, executive director of Summit Future Foundation.

Jobe is the executive director of Summit Future Foundation, but as the mother of two teenage sons on the autism spectrum, her mission is close to home.

“I really wanted something else for my children,” said Jobe.

The new 'Watch Me Thrive' program pairs teens with job coaches and community partners to teach them job skills and give them resources.

“What we need first is for those doors to open,” said Jobe.

“When we cut individuals with disabilities off from that. We're really limiting their full capacity of living their life,” said Jobe.

Jobe knows 'Watch Me Thrive' provides more than just job opportunities.

“They coming to us and saying, ‘You've changed my child's life,’” said Jobe.