WATCH: Animal lover goes viral on TikTok after video with nervous Chihuahua

Katie Grissum uses the video to get animal shelter pets plenty of love.


With 1.7 million TikTok followers, it's not clear who's the star — Katie Grissum or the pets. That's fine by her.

On TikTok, she's Katie and the Snoots, with viral videos of adorable dogs and cats.

At KC Pet Project in Kansas City, Grissum found a new way to get shelter pets plenty of love and a whole lot of likes. Nearly 2 million of the platform's users have taken note.

Grissum's videos are made with a lot of heart and they all serve the mission of the animal advocates that work at KC Pet Project.

Grissum's video of a nervous Chihuahua is what started it all.

"After about 11 minutes, he jumped on my lap and fell asleep eventually," Grissum said.

The video has 41 million views.

"It was crazy. It was crazy," Grissum said.

The dog was adopted right away.

"I've been getting comments lately, which has been fantastic, of people like, 'You know, I started volunteering because of you,'" Grissum said.