Volunteers step up to help farmers who lost crop to bad weather

When word got out that a massive storm destroyed a farmer's crop, dozens of people showed up to help.


Even mother nature is learning — don't mess with New Mexico's green chiles.

This spring, after a massive storm destroyed a farmer's crop, word got out that the family who runs an Albuquerque farm was in need of help.

Dozens of volunteers stepped up.

Eddie Gonzales is one of the many volunteers helping the Wagner family, which owns Big Jim Farms in Los Ranchos.

"It's awesome to come out here and get your hands dirty, feel the earth and be connected to the earth," Gonzales said.

Seth Wagner said about a month ago, the farm was hit with a bad hail storm that wiped out the chile crop. They worked to transplant the chile.

"We shared it on social media and I was surprised to see how many shares, people that we've never met just continuing to get the word out to come out here," Chantelle Wagner said.

Thanks to volunteers, including kids, who have helped out day after day, the crop will be ready by the end of August.

The Wagners said they run what's called a "you pick" farm, where customers come out and pick fresh chile in the fall. They will also have pumpkins, sunflowers and a petting zoo.