These real stories will bring inspiration to your day

Humans are innately good. 💕


Our viewers submitted footage of themselves and those around them spreading small acts of service and kindness. We've smiled, we've cried and now we'd like to pass these good deeds on to you.

Below are nine people who have truly inspired us today:

Make sure to pay it forward and pass on these good deeds. Share your inspiring stores with us here.

1) This Sacramento native made and donated 40 sandwiches to the homeless population in town. You read that right: 40!

2) On Valentine's Day, this romantic husband made sure he could celebrate with his wife. He came all the way from the nursing home to be by her side.

3) This FedEx driver may look as if he is blocking this car in, but it is for a good reason!

4) With just $1, Tre made a stranger's day!

5) Sometimes, all it takes is a slice of pizza.

6) These strangers are forever bonded by a pair of shoes and a gesture of kindness.

7) When this elderly man in a wheelchair struggled to cross a busy road, a kind stranger stopped traffic to make sure he was not alone.

8) This elementary school student explained how she will spread peace and kindness to others.

9) Every day, these students start out their morning with this simple act of kindness: a hug!