VIDEO: Van swallowed by large sinkhole in California

“I’m speechless. I couldn’t believe it."


A family's van was swallowed by a large sinkhole that formed in their South Los Angeles neighborhood earlier this week.

Amber Anderson told KCAL her barking dogs woke her up when the incident happened.

“Came out my front door and realized, 'wow, my van behind me is inside of a hole,'” Anderson told the news outlet.

No one was inside the parked 1993 Dodge Explorer at the time.

A neighbor's security camera caught the vehicle falling into the sinkhole on camera.

“I’m speechless. I couldn’t believe it," Anderson told KTLA.

According to KCAL, a water main break is to blame for the sinkhole. The LA Department of Water and Power reports an 8-inch cast iron main broke.

This isn't the first time something like this has happened on Anderson's street.

“Three houses down, we had like a smaller sinkhole, where a water line broke again and it made a hole into the ground,” she said.

Crews were able to remove Anderson's van, but there are no details surrounding the timeline for repairs to the road, KTLA reports.