VIDEO: Man in his underwear chugs wine out of speeding tanker truck

The man managed to unscrew a valve underneath the truck, releasing hundreds of gallons of red wine.


A man in California uncorked quite a wild ride.

He forced over a tanker truck that was full of wine on Thursday, authorities told KOVR-TV. But as if that wasn't wild enough, the man — wearing only his underwear — hopped onto the outside of the tanker as it began to drive away.

The driver apparently didn't notice the man had hopped on until he was alerted that he was losing tanker fluids, hundreds of gallons of red wine. The whole thing was caught on dash cam video.

Authorities said Gabriel Moreno managed to unscrew a valve underneath the truck.

"I've listened to radio. I've listen to thousands and thousands of calls, this one's up there in the top ten," Officer Tom Olsen, with Modesto California Highway Patrol, told the TV station.

About 1,000 gallons of wine was spilled in the heist, which could fill up about 5,000 bottles of wine.

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