World War II veterans thank active Marines for service with care packages, letters

"I hope and I pray that they're warmed by realizing that people back home are understanding of their problems, and not only that, but we support them."


With Veteran's Day on the horizon, two World War II veterans are showing support for their fellow soldiers with handwritten letters and heartfelt gifts.

Larry O'Rourke and Richard Laonard, along with some friends at their assisted living facility in Woodstock, Vermont, are preparing to send care packages to two active Marines who were recently deployed to Norway.

O'Rourke served in the Army Corps of Engineers and Laonard served in the Air Force. Although both men say they didn't see combat during their service, the impact the military had on their lives and relationships was profound enough to inspire this act of kindness that they hope will provide their fellow soldiers with encouragement.

Watch the video above to learn more about how these veterans are showing support for their fellow military service members.