Veteran's lost dog tags, returned after 20 years

Amazing reunion story


Tiffany Williams served in the National Guard for five years, but hadn’t seen these dog tags in decades. Until recently, when she got a message on Facebook from a woman who found them.


"I said, 'You have some Dog Tags?,” said Tiffany Williams. "Where did you find them? And she responds back and says, 'Well, you know, I was at an estate sale out here in Chicopee, Massachusetts and they were just here.'"

Chicopee is about one hour away from Tiffany’s childhood home in Dudley, Massachusetts. The dog tags weren’t only a relic from her days of service, but also her high school sweetheart.

"He was a year ahead of me, so he gave me some insight into…why I should join the Guard and what the benefits were, and I said, 'Yeah, that sounds awesome, and we can do it together!,'" said Williams.

The woman who discovered Tiffany’s dog tags also sent her appreciation.

"Not only did she send me these dog tags I haven't see in 20 years, she also sent me a gift card for my favorite take-out restaurant, Taco Bell, and also a very lovely set of jewelry--earrings and a necklace, and saying 'Thank you for your service,'" said Williams.