'Meant to be heard': Homeowner discovers history of hero in condo she purchased 30 years ago

The homeowner hopes the discovery made inside her unit 30 years ago will be remembered in history.


Veteran's Day this year will be even more special for Susan McCreery.

McCreery purchased a condo in Palm Springs, Florida, in 1991 and discovered a collection of documents and photos of World War I veteran Lt. Gen. Milton J. Foreman.

"Apparently, the owner had no descendants and she had passed away, so it was furnished and I discovered these documents along with her belongings," McCreery said.

She learned Forman was born in Chicago in 1863; a child of the Chicago Fire, a politician and one of the founders of the American Legion.

"I knew it was probably a collection that told a story that was meant to be heard," McCreery said.

She said now is the perfect time to share the story.

"This is so important today, especially because he delivered a University of Illinois Armistice Day address 100 years ago this Veteran's Day," McCreery said.

John Raughter is the deputy director of media relations at the American Legion based in Indianapolis, Indiana. He said the organization was formed by a group of WWI veterans, like Foreman, who were concerned about how vets would be treated after the war.

"It helped form the world that we know of today," Foreman said. "Sadly it wasn't the war to end all wars like they had hoped."

He believes it's important to know the people who made it happen.

"General Foreman actually gave a speech in 1921 and he discussed some of his concerns with the uneasy peace, shall we say, that existed with Germany and the terms that it would not be the last war," Raughter said. "People like General Foreman helped build the society that we all enjoy today."