Dog who survived being thrown over balcony adopted by disabled veteran

In her new life with a disabled veteran, Miracle the dog has overcome a past that was anything but heartwarming.


Miracle the trained service dog has been adopted by Ted, a disabled combat Marine veteran.

But the German shepherd only came to live with Ted's family after surviving a shocking event.

According to investigators, during a tussle with police, the dog’s previous owner threw her from a motel’s second-floor balcony in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Fortunately, the dog landed on her feet, with a nearby food truck vendor, Jose Carnot, keeping her from running into a busy nearby road.

"Just running around with no one around, and you got the highway right there," Carnot explained. "So I just decided to go take care of it."

Astonishingly, the dog suffered only minor injuries from the fall, inspiring rescuers to name her “Miracle.”

A judge later ruled that the previous owner was either unable or unfit to care for her. That’s when Ted entered the picture.

"When we saw each other… It just clicked," he said, adding, "They're your lifeline for when nobody else is there. When you are in that dark place, that dog is there for you."

And Miracle quickly settled into her new home.

Alicia Deese from Volusia County Animal Services noted that the dog "worships" Ted already, and it seems like the feeling was mutual.

"She's definitely going to take care of me," Ted said. "If I get a little anxious, a little upset or anything, she’s going to calm me down. I know it."

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