Venmo Challenge surprises struggling small businesses

Stan Anderson took it upon himself to help struggling restaurants in his area with the Venmo Challenge


"Ultimately Bernie, there's $2,500," Stan Anderson said.

This is the Venmo Challenge Racine. It's a challenge where Stan Anderson collects donations through mobile payment apps to help local restaurants.

"They Venmo me, or Cash App or Chase pay/Zelle, whatever. They give us money and they trust us to go to restaurants like here and give the money to the restaurateurs," Anderson said.

Stan stopped by Bernie's Pizza to give them a special surprise.

"Bernie and I both didn't sense anything. We didn't know anything that was going to happen," Anderson said.

Stan has already raised over $18,000 for struggling businesses through the Venmo Challenge, and now he can add Bernie's Pizza to the list.

His work in the community hasn't gone unnoticed by the people he's helped.

"Great. Great man. He helped me a lot," said Bernard A. Willing I, the owner of Bernie's Pizza.

"It helps take care of a few extra bills that are laying around that are like $500, $1,000 here. Whatever," Bernard A. Willing II said.