Vaccinated doctor volunteers to sit with patients to combat COVID-19 isolation

A wife and mother discusses how one doctor went above and beyond to help her husband who was suffering from COVID-19 symptoms and isolation.


With her husband in the hospital with COVID-19, Kerri Hurley felt helpless.

"To not be able to hug a loved one, or touch them, and think of the worst, like, ‘What if?’" she said. "Because he did go down very quickly. You think of these things and how they are so alone and just by themselves."

The closest Hurley could get to him was to sit under his window, which she did each night.

"I was able to walk up to the window and hold up the camera and show my daughter, who's 6 and doesn’t understand why daddy can't come home," she noted.

But the isolation was difficult for both of them, with Hurley explaining, "He knew that he wasn't doing so well, and he was scared."

Hurley's husband recovered physically, but she credits one doctor in particular for preserving his mental state: Dr. Ben Moor, who would stay by his bedside.

"I'd just kind of sit with them, chat or not chat and kind of hold a hand," Dr. Moor explained.

Once he became fully vaccinated, the doctor volunteered to spend time with patients after his shifts.

Hurley revealed that the doctor once called her to say her husband had a smile on his face, which she said "meant so much."

"I think it’s changed now that we've been vaccinated," Dr. Moor stated. "I think that puts people in a better frame of mind to do the things that are not wholly medical."

Along with Dr. Moor, dozens of staff members at his hospital donated time to lonely patients.

For Hurley and many others, these generous volunteers were a godsend.

"This program is so important, for not only me, but for millions of people who are waiting for their loved ones to call them and say, 'Hey, I’m OK,'" she explained.

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