VA program provides opportunities to start a career in farming

Second-year program provides vocational training for vets


A new program at the Veterans Affairs in Baltimore is helping veterans change careers.

“You see me smiling. I definitely didn't have that not too long ago, this program is giving me that purpose,” said Dominus Blue.

The VA has partnered with Talmar Farms to help vets learn how to become farmers.

“We looked forward to the days the veterans were here because they bring so much energy and so much love to the campus,” said Kate Joyce, the Executive Director of Talmar Farms.

The 10-week program gives vets 75 hours of online work and 75 hours of hands-on training.

“From soil management to the different types of families plants are, when to plant them, where to plant them,” said Blue.

The VA has already seen an improvement in mental and physical health of those who go through the program.

“Just to be able to get them to come out to be able to socialize with other veterans. They’ve been able to-- many of them have grown their own gardens. They are learning how to eat healthy. They are getting exercise,” said Laverne Harmon, Manager VA Vocational Rehab Program.

Dominus Blue is looking forward to teaching his community what he’s learned.

“Teach people how to grow food, how to grow spices and herbs and all the things that they need, and not just grow them but also how to use them. Do, you know, just have a sense of community,” said Blue.