Two experts intrigued by what's not in Brian Laundrie's autopsy report

Experts say the investigations into Brian Laundrie's suicide and Gabby Petito's murder are ongoing.


The announcement from the medical examiner was short: Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of Gabby Petito and the main suspect in her murder, died by suicide.

But it’s the next line that caught the attention of former FBI Agent Stuart Kaplan.


That line says other information from the autopsy "may not be made public or released until the law enforcement investigation is complete."

"That tells me that law enforcement is still actively investigating whether perhaps other crimes may have been committed," Kaplan said.

Kaplan said he believes investigators may be looking into whether anyone helped Laundrie escape police surveillance and stay hidden.

He believes that’s why the time and date of Laundrie’s death have not been released.

"I think they want to figure out who said what at what particular time and see whether or not that, in fact, is consistent with the overall facts," Kaplan said.

Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg sees the same thing.

"If they lied to investigators, that could be a serious crime," he said. "At the federal level, that’s a felony."

Both Aronberg and Kaplan said they believe it’s not just Laundrie’s death investigators are still looking into.

They point out nobody was ever charged in connection with Petito’s murder.

"They’re going to try to figure out more details about what happened and if anyone else was involved," Aronberg said. "The last thing they want is for some accomplice to go free."

Kaplan said the key may be the notebook found with Laundrie’s remains.

If there’s a confession written in there, that answers a lot of questions.

But Kaplan wondered what would happen if Laundrie wrote that he killed himself because he was falsely accused of killing his fiancée.

"That may lead some to speculate is he the responsible party or is he not," Kaplan said.

Kaplan and Aronberg also both addressed the lack of a gun being found along with Laundrie’s remains.

Both men said given that the area where Laundrie was found had been underwater for some time, it’s completely possible the gun just floated away.

Neither man found it suspicious that a gun wasn’t found.

They said it’s just another unanswered question in this case.

"This may be one of those instances where the public never gets the answers that they are seeking," Aronberg said.