Too cute! Dinosaur duo brings smiles to grocery shoppers

"It was a hoot," mother says of her daughters dressing up.


Amid shrinking supplies at stores, one pair of kids decided to bring some fun to a grocery store.

The duo wore dinosaur costumes that brought some cheerfulness to shoppers and workers.

The pair apparently got all of the items they needed while lugging around a shopping cart and stopping to interact with people.

Pilar Pinilla's kids provided comic relief to customers at an H-E-B last week in Leon Springs, Texas, a community near San Antonio.

Pinilla told that her daughters, 11-year-old Isabella and 8-year-old Sophia, were "thrilled" to dress up after receiving the go-ahead from the grocery store.

"It was a hoot," she said. "We wanted to bring some positive energy into the community, and I feel like we did that. People were laughing and smiling, and you can just tell it was a breath of fresh air from what we've been seeing."

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