Toddler thrives after surgery to fix rare skull condition

A mother's intuition that something wasn't right saved her child's life.


By looking at Branson Figueroa, you wouldn’t know he underwent major skull surgery.

Branson’s mother, Heather Figueroa, found some unusual bumps on her son’s head while cutting his hair one day.

Heather knew something wasn’t right because Branson had trouble sleeping at night and was underweight.

A CT scan revealed Branson had a rare skull condition called craniosynostosis, which causes the bones of a baby’s skull to close too quickly.

The New Hampshire family found the right team of doctors to treat Branson in Vermont.

There, he underwent a cranial skull remodel one month shy of his second birthday.

He stayed in the hospital for five days, recovering from the surgery. Amazingly, Branson was taking his first steps before he could even open his eyes.

“We as adults sometimes tend to complain over such little things. Here, children go through so much and do it with so much strength and perseverance,” said Heather Figueroa.

During his recovery, he even managed to sing happy birthday to his brother from his hospital bed.

Just one month after his surgery, Branson is back to typical toddler life. He plays with his older siblings, Jameson and Emberlynn. He sings at the top of his lungs, shoots hoops and loves spending quality time with his family.

“He is doing really well, we are so blessed he is home and thriving,” said Heather Figueroa.