'Today, love wins': Man travels 4,000 miles to deliver crosses honoring El Paso shooting victims

Greg Zanis made a cross-country trip to El Paso to deliver 22 crosses honoring the victims who died in Saturday's shooting.


A man who helps the country heal in the wake of tragedies is reaching out once again.

Greg Zanis has made more than 25,000 crosses for victims of national tragedies since Columbine 20 years ago.

He made a 4,000-mile round trip to the Texas border town to deliver nearly two dozen crosses honoring the 22 people who died in Saturday's shooting at an El Paso Walmart.

Zanis left his home in Illinois on Saturday after news of the shooting broke, arriving in El Paso on Monday morning with a heavy heart and a truck full of supplies.

Zanis owns the company Crosses For Losses.

“You put a hand on a cross. I put a hand on a cross and we pray, and that's it,” Zanis said.

He said giving from the kindness of one's heart helps those who need it, as well as those who give it.

“I'm asking people to come down here and start writing messages. I'm asking you to come down here and bring a teddy bear or a flower or something. It helps you, too,” Zanis.

He believes together is the only way to overcome tragedy.

He had a message for everyone.

“I want them to go home and love somebody that they're hating,” Zanis said.

The crowds of people who signed the crosses and wrote messages to the victims is a strong symbol of love.

“Today, love wins. Amen,” Zanis said.

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