This trio of Australian cattle dogs are quite a sight. They all wear goggles while out exploring

According to their owner, all three dogs were unwanted or abandoned when he adopted them.


If you see Bonnie, Bella and Bolt on a hiking trail, they're pretty hard to miss.

All three Australian cattle dogs wear goggles, especially made for dogs, while they're out exploring.

Tim Livesey, their owner, says it's to protect the pups from the sun, dust, and occasionally, a cactus.

"They actually like them because they know it's adventure time whenever I get them out," Livesey told KSNV.

But it's more than goggles that protect them — the trio of dogs also protect one another. All three dogs were unwanted or abandoned when Livesey adopted them, he said.

Bella had been abandoned, Bolt has a broken tail and Bonnie was born deaf, Today reported.

Recently during an outing, Bonnie was approached from behind by a coyote. But before it got too close, the other dogs barked and scared it away, the TV station reported.

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