This Marine got a very furry welcome home

This is why we have dogs!


Each and every day, real Americans are serving all over the world as members of our military. Their sacrifice is grand, which makes their returns even grander.

We laugh, we cry and many hugs are shared.

This homecoming is no different, but includes a particularly furry family member that can't help but make us smile!

Sgt. Orlando Navarro, from Highland, Indiana, has been an active Marine for over seven years. He works in radio and communications, and also trains new Marines in skills like martial arts.

Source: Veronica Navarro
Source: Veronica Navarro

Before a recent deployment Sgt. Navarro and his wife, Veronica Navarro, walked into a local San Diego Animal Shelter and fell in love with Cayson, a 9-month-old fluffy pup that quickly became a part of their family.

Soon after Cayson's adoption, Sgt. Navarro was redeployed. Veronica remained home with Cayson, who became her confidant.

Veronica said, "He may not understand what I was saying, but during this deployment he has been such a great emotional support dog for me. "

When Sgt. Navarro returned home, he was welcomed with a warm and furry hug that he’ll never forget.

Sgt. Navarro has since been redeployed again, but Cayson and Veronica will be waiting until the next time they can be reunited.

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