'This is also COVID': Woman says her 8-year-old tested positive for coronavirus, displayed unusual symptoms

A woman said her 8-year-old son tested positive for coronavirus after breaking out in a rash.


A woman said her 8-year-old son tested positive for coronavirus after breaking out in a rash.

Tiffany works at a local child care center. Sister station KETV is not giving her last name, to protect her son's identity. She said he picked up coronavirus at the same day care.


“May 4th I was in contact with a child whose parent was symptomatic and later confirmed positive,” Tiffany said.

She said she had symptoms a few days later but she thought it was allergies. By the end of the week, she knew it was something more.

"By the time I left work and got to the testing site, I had a fever while on Tylenol,” she said.

Tiffany said she tested positive for COVID-19. Then, her fiancé did. After that, her 8-year-old started feeling sick.

“It started with the rash, the same day, I feel like the same time the rash came on he said he had a headache and his stomach hurt,” Tiffany said.

She said her son did not have a cough or fever. But the rash spread so quickly, she showed it to her child's doctor over Zoom.

“She said, ‘It just looks like it might just be chiggers,’ even though I said he hasn’t really been outside a lot, and when he has, he’s been wearing pants because it’s been cold,” Tiffany said.

After hearing children show different symptoms for COVID-19, she said she fought to get him tested and the test came back positive.

‘With the headache still, up to this point even a week later, we're still on Tylenol to try to control this headache,” Tiffany said.

She said she does not blame doctors though.

"I feel like when COVID first came out, especially as child care workers, we all kind of breathed a sigh of relief because it wasn’t attacking children,” Tiffany said.

"But they’re (doctors who are) not taking that aspect of it seriously. It’s not in their minds yet that this (different symptoms) is also COVID.”

She believes more children in the metro may have the virus and hopes parents will watch for symptoms.

“With COVID in the picture nothing is normal anymore. So, just be aware and advocate for your children if something doesn’t feel right, or if they start complaining of something new or that they don’t normally complain about,” Tiffany said.