'The situation could have been way worse': Man shot breaking up Airbnb party shares recovery progress

Since the shooting last month, he is relearning to walk and recovering with a bullet still in his back.


A man who was shot while trying to break up an unauthorized Airbnb party in Ohio has shared his recovery progress with sister station WLWT.

Since that shooting last month, he is relearning to walk and recovering with a bullet still in his back.

Stephen Knight, 32, said he never expected the situation would send him to intensive care, rehab and leave him unable to work.

"The situation could have been way worse and it could've been my parents standing over my grave," Knight said.

That is a sobering thought for him.

He's a father with a little girl to care for, and he's relearning to walk and care for himself after he was shot in the back last month.

Knight is a handyman and had been asked to help break up a party, with an estimated 40 people inside, at the Airbnb.

"It's actually chipped part of my spinal, spine bone off, and lodged itself into my spine. So, I'll live with it in there for the rest of my life," Knight said.

He said he has fractures in 10 ribs and three vertebrae.

Cincinnati police said he was beaten as he faced at least 10 people who stayed behind in the back area outside.

"I did shoot one shot in self-defense, but then was shot in the back almost simultaneously," Knight said.

He remembered the first night in the hospital and realizing something wasn't right.

"I mean, I've got to try to sit up and use my legs and I kept thinking that and I just could not," Knight said.

Now, he's at an acute physical therapy trauma unit.

Knight wears a brace and intense pain can creep in.

"I use a walker and go walk like 200 feet, but like any extended distance or anything, I have to use a wheelchair," he said.

Knight told WLWT that doctors have high hopes he will be walking again by next year, but the scars are more than physical.

"This is not something you want to happen to you, so, always make your decisions wisely," he said.

Cincinnati police said the investigation shows the shooter used their own gun and charges in the case are now pending.

Knight said he won't be able to work any time soon.

He expects rehab and physical therapy will continue for months.

A GoFundMe page has been started to help Knight cover expenses: