Texas urgent care facility apologizes after giving woman someone else's COVID-19 test result

The 22-year-old was quarantining with her dad, who tested positive, when she found out that her COVID-19 test results were actually negative.


Officials from an urgent care facility in Texas have apologized to a woman who received someone else's COVID-19 test results.


Valeria Garcia began quarantining at home with her dad after she received test results that she was positive for the virus, KPRC-TV reported.

But the 22-year-old then noticed that the test results had her name, but not her date of birth or the day she got the test. That's when someone from Next Level Urgent Care in Katy, Texas, told her that her results were negative.

But she had been staying with her father who had tested positive, potentially exposing her to the virus during that time.

She received another test on Friday after developing nausea and headaches, the TV station reported, but has not received those results yet.

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