This teen is using her self-made small business to help the homeless

Layla Wallace is 15 years old and already runs a successful bakery!


This is a small business success story! Layla is a 15-year-old teen-preneur and good Samaritan. With her mom, Luchara Wallace, they started their family-owned business, Layla's Cool Pops!

"It's a very unique experience. Owning a business with my daughter, especially with her being 15 and a half." says Luchara Wallace.

It all began when Layla was assigned an economics project at school, to design and business and find profit.

"She chose to make cookie pops. She thought they looked fun, they looked pretty easy, and said, let me try this and see what happens." Layla's mom recalls.

From that point on, she was hooked.

Layla says she saw her dad's business bloom and thought, "I want to try all of that. Like, I want to see a big idea can come into something really great and I knew whatever I wanted to do, it had to help somebody else."

At LCP, they make all types of desserts like cupcakes, cookie pops, brownies, and cake. This mother-daughter-run business will satisfy your sweet tooth, but it is also working to help their local homeless community. Ten percent of proceeds benefit charitable homeless organizations or communities in need. Layla's dream is to build a shelter that can provide help to homeless families.

Our short documentary takes you through just how Layla and her mom started their business. You may even find a few business tricks for your own small business!

You can find Layla's sweet treats in Kalamazoo, Michigan! Check them out if you are in town.

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