Rossen Reports exclusive: Carnival Cruises, Ford purchase new technology to fight coronavirus spread

Major American companies are beginning to buy up these infrared cameras by the thousands


One method for containing the spread of the novel coronavirus: highly calibrated infrared cameras. Major American companies are beginning to buy them up by the thousands.

These high-tech cameras contain ultra-sensitive sensors that come either as a portable device or fixed cameras that attach to metal detectors. They passively take a person’s temperature to determine in real-time if they have a fever. These devices are already being used in airports around the world, including in China and Mexico. Just this week, we have learned exclusively, Carnival Cruise Line ordered the cameras to test passengers and crew boarding its ships. Ford Motor Company also bought the devices to test and protect employees at its plants around the world.

Full-body temperature scanners aren’t yet approved for airports in the U.S. But companies that manufacture the devices are working closely with the U.S. government to speed up the process, hoping to get on the front lines of protecting the public from COVID-19.

We met with Gary Strahan, CEO of Infrared Cameras, to see how these devices work. Watch the video above to see it in action.