You'll need to grab a tissue for these bittersweet tales of life and loss

You might want to keep a friend or a pet nearby for some much-needed hugs while you're watching these inspiring, but sad stories.


If you love bittersweet stories featuring inspiring people who have left positive impacts on their communities even after they've died (or if you simply love crying your eyes out over tearjerkers), you'll want to grab a box of tissues for these tales from Stitch.

  1. When Walter Herbert, known in his community as "Superbubz," was diagnosed with terminal cancer, his community made sure every minute of the rest of his life would be full of joy.
  2. Learn about the final wish of Garrett Matthias, a cancer patient who got the chance to become a boxer for a day.
  3. When Madelyn Linsenmeir died of an overdose, her family wrote an obituary that they hoped would support those struggling with addiction. Then, it went viral.
  4. Find out why kids are painting rocks with the hashtag #ILMOKB on them, and how the hashtag has made a global impact on social media.
  5. Take a trip with Mura the dog and her owner, whose goal was to make sure his terminally-ill pup got one last chance to live life to the fullest.
  6. Celebrate the life of Jacy McAlexander, whose strong belief in giving back to those who helped him during his cancer treatments led to the collection of a literal ton of aluminum pop tabs to recycle into cash.
  7. Journey with the Peterson family as they cross activities off a bucket list they made for their terminally-ill dog, Finn.
  8. See how one young woman's deadly prom night gave new life to at least three strangers.

And if watching all of those stories hasn't put a tear in your eye yet, check out even more that will tug at your heartstrings by clicking here to visit Stitch.