Target announces wage increase, bonuses amid spike in demand from coronavirus outbreak

In addition to wage increases and bonuses, Target has announced a new paid leave program, contributions to a relief fund that assists employees most affected by the coronavirus and donations to organizations responding to the outbreak worldwide.


With essential supplies in high demand due to the coronavirus outbreak, Target has announced wage increases for its employees, a new paid leave program, bonuses and relief fund contributions.

The Minneapolis-based company issued a news release Friday that says employees will receive $2 more per hour until at least May 2. For employees who are 65 or older, pregnant, or have underlying medical conditions, Target is offering paid leave.

The $2-per-hour increase for store and distribution center employees will mean an average earning increase of $240 to $480. Target officials say they will work with current teams to offer extra hours, but pursue additional hiring where it's needed.

Target employees who are 65 or older, pregnant or have underlying medical conditions have access to paid leave for 30 days. This policy is in addition to Target expanding backup care for employees, waiving its absenteeism policy and covering quarantine and confirmed illness pay during the outbreak.

Target officials also said bonuses ranging from $250 to $1,500 will be paid to nearly 20,000 hourly department leaders in stores across the country.

"We continue to experience incredible demand across our business, and Target’s ability to help our guests in this unprecedented time would not be possible without the strength of our team," said Brian Cornell, CEO of Target. "I am proud and humbled by the dedication and humanity they show to our guests every day. Increasing their compensation for a job incredibly well done and ensuring continued compensation for those who need to care for themselves and their families is a reflection of our company’s values and simply the right thing to do."

In addition, Target officials said $1 million will be donated to the Target Team Member Giving Fund to help employees most impacted by the coronavirus. This fund was established in 2018 to support employees during hardship.

    “Families across the country are counting on Target in so many ways during this pandemic, and our team has been nothing short of remarkable,” Cornell said. “The commitments we’re making today will provide additional resources for our most valuable asset — our team, their families and the communities impacted by the coronavirus.”

    In addition to the $1 million donation to the Target Team Member Giving Fund, Target and the Target Foundation have committed an additional $9 million to assist organizations helping respond to the coronavirus.

    That donation will assist nonprofit organizations in proximity to Target stores, national organizations including Feeding America, and global organizations, such as UNICEF, the company's news release says.