Surprise, it's a double pregnancy!

Dee Michelle had been told by doctors she couldn't get pregnant


"During our visit to the ER, we discovered that we had not only one, not two, but three babies," says Dee Michelle.

Dee Michelle and Antonio Livingston got the surprise of a lifetime when they found out they were expecting multiples.

“We were shocked because it doesn't run in my family — we don't have any twins, triplets, nothing,” says Dee.

Dee was previously told by doctors she could not get pregnant. Turns out, she got pregnant twice in a rare double pregnancy.

“She said I ovulated twice and even the ultrasound tech, she was like very, very shocked,” says Dee Michelle.“Whenever I went to my further appointments they said 'Baby C is six days older.' And I was just like 'oh well that’s cool,'” says Dee Michelle.

Now the couple is preparing to go from two to a family of five. And sharing their journey on Instagram @DeeAndTplusThree.

"It's just a lot of joy, a lot of positivity is coming from all angles right now," says Antonio Livingston.