Surprise 90th birthday party honors medical clinic's treasured volunteers

Two retired health care workers who returned to work during the pandemic received a special 90th birthday surprise from their friends and co-workers.


A pair of seniors continued their work for a medical clinic during the pandemic, so the staff honored their treasured volunteers with an epic 90th birthday surprise!

As a volunteer, sometimes the only pat on the back you get is the satisfaction of a job well done.

That is, unless you’re Fran Curran and Julia Young, two beloved senior volunteers, who donate their time to St. Luke’s Free Medical Clinic.

In spite of the pandemic, Fran continued filing and Julia kept doing referrals at the clinic in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

"It's something to do, keeps you busy, keeps you going," Fran explained.

They also both celebrated their 90th birthdays in early 2021, so the staff surprised them with crowns, cake and "90 and fabulous" sashes.

"There's a lot of nice people here," said Fran. "A lot of nice people here."

She and Julia have volunteered at the free clinic for 16 years, with the facility’s director calling them the "heart and soul" of the work they do.

"The Lord expects us to let his light shine through us, and if we can help somebody else that's what he means for us to do," Julia said.

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