Students with special needs get their chance to shine in annual basketball game

"Watching them be kind of the star of the show, it’s amazing. It makes it all worth it. They’re gonna remember this forever."


Rocklin High School and Whitney High School are rivals on the court, but this game is a little bit different.

The annual basketball game between the two school is designed to give students with special needs the chance to play. In four years, the game has become a big hit.

It also serves as a confidence booster for those involved.

"Basketball gives me a little more confidence, and I have cerebral palsy," Rocklin student Kamben Brunkaorse said. "I can’t do any other sport around this school, so I’m able to do these types of sports, which helps me."

"We're just playing a game, and it's so awesome," Whitney student Ty Grimm said.

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