Students produce music video about the coronavirus pandemic

The video helps students deal with the challenges and stress caused by the pandemic.


The coronavirus pandemic has created some unique challenges for schools and students. Now, students at Saco Middle School in Maine are putting their emotions about the situation into a music video.

The video is called "Hindsight is 2020" and talks about when life gets back to normal and how life has changed.

"I could see the fatigue in my own kids and just all the stress that this was causing," teacher Stephanie Atkinson said.

Atkinson said the project started early in the pandemic when she asked her students to write about their lives every week.

Many of the students talked about missing their friends, feeling lonely, and being worried about loved ones and front-line workers.

"It was just... so much," added Atkinson. "I thought, not only is it an important story to tell but, I think it's also very healing for them to be able to tell it through music."

The students turned their assignments into lyrics and then set them to music.

With school buildings closed and social distancing requirements, the students were not able to rehearse together. Instead, each student filmed their part from home. Some students sang while others played instruments.

The class then worked with a music engineer and producer to put all the pieces together for the nearly 3-and-a-half minute video.

Atkinson said the video has been viewed around the country.

"Common experience across the nation, apparently, because it really hit home with a lot of people," she said.

You can watch the full video here.