Students build dozens of homes as part of vocational program

Since 1969, students have built about 50 homes in the area.


Some vocational students in Indiana are getting out of the classroom and building homes to sell.

It's a part of the Prosser Career Education Center's building program. Every year, students build a home from the inside-out and then sell it for a competitive price.

As a student at the education center, Blake McNay is one of about 1,300 vocational students learning the craft of building a house.

"I've learned a lot in this class. I never touched a brick before this class and never knew how to lay it," said McNay.

Since 1969, Prosser students have built about 50 homes in the area. Eleven years ago, the school bought a large portion of land to build 19 new homes. New Albany-Floyd County Schools paid for the needed streets and sewer lines and it became the student built subdivision called Builder's Ridge.

"That's what we try to build is confidence in them to go out and apply for a job knowing that they have two years with us and some people, like apprenticeships will give them one year in their apprenticeship after completing two years with us," said construction technician Steve Terry.

The home is expected to be finished in May.

Funds from the sale will go directly back to the program's building fund.