Stowaway bird found in moving van after four-day journey from Las Vegas to Maine

Experts are now caring for the roadrunner, which is native to the American Southwest.


A man moving from Las Vegas to Maine ended up finding a stowaway roadrunner in his rented moving van.

The Avian Haven got a call from the driver after he arrived at a Westbrook storage facility at the end of his four-day journey from Las Vegas. The man had found the bird hiding in the storage area of the van.

Staff sent over a Portland, Maine-based volunteer, and with the driver's help, they were able to coax the bird out of the back of the van and into a net. Two other volunteers helped relay the bird up to Avian Haven bird sanctuary in Freedom.

Haven staff was able to identify it as a Greater Roadrunner, native to the American Southwest. The bird was in remarkably good shape for having gone four days without food, but is now recovering in a makeshift heated habitat.

Experts at the Haven will work with Maine's Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, as well as its Nevada counterpart to coordinate the bird's return to its native lands.