Veteran helps other service members through free home projects, repairs

Veteran Paul Laird plans to start a nonprofit called the Veterans Home Improvement Project.


Army veteran Paul Laird has found a unique way to give back to his fellow servicemen and women.

"Over the last few years, I've been really thinking about different ways of being able to give back to other veterans and try to help out with other veterans' needs in a way that I could," Laird said.

Laird is using his successful HVAC business to support veterans in need by providing his services free of cost. "It's going to be called the Veterans Home Improvement Project," he said.

Laird will install heating systems, replace windows, fix roofs and more for vets. All the materials and labor are donated, and he plans to set aside $100 from every paid job he does to help fund his nonprofit.

"So we want to do this at no cost to the veteran, just help these guys out, guys that are in need," said Laird.

The mission is deeply personal: when Laird returned home from two tours in Iraq, it took him several years to find his way.

"Struggled to find my purpose, struggled to try to find a direction, [the] way I wanted to go with life at that point."

He says this project, and giving back, helped him find that purpose.

"Yeah, I think the need is going to be a lot bigger than even I know at the moment," he said.

Operation Reboot Outdoors is a veteran's charity that recently benefited from Laird's plan. ORO needed a heat pump that would have normally cost $4,000.

"This is huge for our organization, we house over 200 vets a year downstairs," said Dan Waite, ORO President said. "It’s a huge help. We couldn't afford that without Paul stepping up and donating that."

That money can now be put toward other expenses to help veterans.

"So this is our way to give back to him and him to be able to give back to more vets," said Laird.