Family uses social media to show their adopted family is just like everyone else's

The Jones-Baldwin family wasn't expecting the backlash when the family adopted their son, Princeton. Now, they use their platform to educate others and spread positivity.


The Jones-Baldwin family wants to show the world love has no color. The family welcomed Princeton to their blended, adoptive and loving family when he was a newborn. What they weren't expecting was the judgement from others.

"Color was never on my mind, it was just my call to duty as a foster parent and I was just upholding that duty, my husband and I. And when we started to get so much backlash, that’s when I had to, we really had to sit down and just think, OK, what is it that is the problem? What are we going to do about it? And how are we going to impact change?" mom Keia Jones-Baldwin says.

The family use social media along with being open about their experiences with transracial adoption. While it's not always easy, the family is full of love for one another.

Older sister Karleigh Jones-Baldwin says, "It's good to know that no matter what we look like, we do love alike."

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